2 hr minimum


  • Private dressing room

  • 3 flash photography lights (Godox/Flashpoint)
  • Constant lighting for video
  • 4 backdrop options (white, black, brown, blue)
  • Full-length mirror 
  • Grass wall
  • Desk/workstation
  • Hair/Makeup station 


How long do I need for my session?

All sessions are a minimum of 2 hours, but you may need longer, depending on how many looks you're shooting. When scheduling, please note that your session will begin and end promptly at the reserved times. Late arrivals will not receive additional time at the end of the session.

Do I need to sign anything before the session?

When you request a session online, we will email you a user agreement to look over and electronically sign. Once completed, and your payment is received, we will schedule your session for your requested date!

Do I need my own photographer for my session?

Yes. We are only a rental studio space; we do not actually execute the photo shoots. The studio is designed more for photographers looking for a studio to shoot in. If you are looking to have a photoshoot done, we recommend finding your favorite photographer first and then booking your session! 

What do photographers need to bring to the session?

Photographers will need to bring their own camera. While we provide lighting equipment, most photographers like to bring in their own lighting for better control. We have eight different backdrop colors, but you are also welcome to bring in any additional backdrops, props, etc.