About 3D Studios

3D Studios is creating a one-stop shop for local artists,
uplifting the community of New Orleans East,
and helping creators take their projects from concept to reality.

- one stop shop - recording studio - filming location - photography studio - media rentals


Our Story

In 2020, educator-turned-entrepreneur, Roxanne Moray had a blossoming event center located on the top floor of New Orleans East's Executive Plaza building but saw immense untapped potential within the walls of the building. She met with successful recording artist and content creator, 3D Na’Tee, to discuss the idea of constructing a full service recording and production studio. The pair realized that they shared a unified mission to uplift the community of New Orleans and a passion to create a space where creators could thrive. That shared mission was the foundation of their partnership.

After founding 3D Studios in January 2021, Na'Tee and Roxanne began renovating the 11th floor workspaces. As with any new business, they faced challenges from not just the pandemic, but also with the idiosyncrasies of working in a section of the building that has not been occupied since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. However, 3D Studios pushed forward to successfully open it's door in October 2021! 

We offer state-of-the-art creative workspaces for photographers, videographers, podcasters, recording artists, and more and are proud to be a women-owned company that is committed to revitalizing the New Orleans East area.

Join us and take your dreams from concept to reality. 

Meet The Founders